Depending on the results of your medical history and exam, your ZENEVIA physician may recommend treatment using one or more of the services we offer:


Medical Acupuncture

ZENEVIA physicians apply acupuncture techniques taught at Harvard Medical School.

We offer not only traditional Chinese methods, but also Japanese palpation-based and European auricular techniques, all with excellent results.

The World Health Organization has examined scientific research and concluded that acupuncture is a proven, effective treatment for many conditions.

Click here to see the official list.


Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic adjustments are also non-invasive techniques. Your ZENEVIA physician moves your body into specific positions to release built up tension on bones that have become misaligned and on muscles that have tightened.

Once the muscles relax and bones are properly aligned, your blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues are no longer trapped between those previously tightened muscles and bones.

Then your body's internal organic mechanisms are able to flow, breathe, and circulate naturally and normally, allowing your body to heal itself.


Japanese Shiatsu Massage Chair

ZENEVIA offers patients complimentary use of our Inada massage chairs.

The Inada family of Japan brings together ancient Japanese Shiatsu masters and modern engineers to create the world's most technologically advanced massage chair.

It scans your body, adjusts to your unique anatomy, and massages your body's exact shiatsu points.

Massage has been proven to relax tight muscles, improve circulation, and benefit both physical and mental well-being.